Leave Management

Netfunda People fastens and simplifies the leave management process.  Create leave types that are allowed for different grades of employees across departments in your company.You can record and monitor all types of leave across your organization: earned, casual, sick,vacation, training and restricted holidays, etc.  You can analyze absence patterns to maintain workflow, efficiency and work discipline.

Manage Leave Information

Our employee attendance software has an intuitive leave tracker. It enables your people  to apply for leave online, view leave balances and track all your employee leave information from one central place.Your people can use Netfunda People to request leave and view their leave balance and history. All requests are automatically routed to the authorizing individual based on your approval process. Approvers can sneak peek into departments. They can approve/reject the request in order to maintain adequate headcount. It saves you a lot of time and money expended on administrative work.

Juggle Multiple Custom Leave Types

Our cloud HRMS is highly flexible. It allows you to customize predefined leave types and create new leave types in accordance with your company’s work culture.  The intuitive leave tracker enables you to  use color codes for different leave types, enable leave restrictions, customize leave types by location, roles/employees, gender and marital status. You decide the protocol of your company and our system executes it to perfection.

Manage Leave Requests

It is not in the best interests of the company to spend time pondering on manual processes and redundant paperwork to approve of a leave. Automate your process and alleviate redundancies associated with paperwork. All employee leave requests are automatically forwarded to their manager for approval. Managers can approve/deny with just a click. No paper forms or files to deal with. Leave or work, both happen with just a click.

 Systematize Holiday List

The spiciest and yet the most unpalatable part of the HR menu is the diversity of cultures across geographies.Call it a boon or bane for your HR manager but he has to deal with it. So, holidays  across geographies will differ. Leave Tracker enables you to configure holidays based on your location. This removes confusion and potential conflicts.

Leave Report

You need to look at the larger picture that is associated with taking leaves. Analyzing leave patterns can give you a fair idea of when to schedule and execute important tasks. Netfunda People has a leave tracker that gives you a complete history of leave usage details for individual employee in a bar chart format. Your employees and your HR manager will take cognizance of how many leaves they have used, how many they have remaining, and what kinds of leave they are eligible to take and/or carry forward.

Departmental Leave Calendar

Netfunda People enables you to easily track the leave information of your team members. With a look at the calendar you can know who is in and out of office. Schedule meetings, appointments and events based on the presence of your team members.

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