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Does Your Brand Sell Like Hot Cakes Yet?

Engage with your audience and know them better. Track customer insights and market trends. Automate the selling process, trace sales potential and track customers all the way to sales with our customer relationship management software. Close more deals. Close better deals.

Capture leads from your website

You do not have to chase programmers to build web forms. Capture website visitor’s information directly into your CRM system and streamline the lead generation process. Plug and play.

Workflow automation

Workflow automation streamlines the functions of CRM. Assign leads and customers to your salespeople who are best equipped to deal with them. Reduce cycle time of sales transactions by removing redundant steps.

Track sales cycle

Across all the steps of the sales cycle we provide you a comprehensive system that stores and manages information details with respect to fields like stage, probability and expected revenue.

Dormant not dead

Take your sales tracking to the next level by having updates on deals that are dormant. Learn about factors that catalyze and slow down your deals. Remember, the duck paddles furiously under waters that are calm on the surface.

Sales Analytics

Our customizable dashboards, sales report structures and intelligence panes provide you with real time information on your sales pipeline. Customer relationship management software with foresight.

Email, calendar and file management

Our built in email integration works with Microsoft Outlook, IBM Lotus Notes, Gmail, etc. Create, maintain and sort files and communication archives to track sales history and engage with customers better.