Pre-Made Themes

Your publication has a target audience. Your target audience has a menu that is based on unique tastes and preferences. If e-journal theme customization is what you expect, Netfunda Technologies goes a step ahead exceeding your expectations. If you have been swept away by the delight of customized theme offered on the e-journal platform, we safely under promise that we are better than the best.

Pre-made themes are available as part of our Free Hosting Plan.

Netfunda Publizer offers you pre made themes unlike anything you have seen before.

Free and mindful of the theme you want. Our modern web 2.0 theme offers you the best solution for your theme requirements. And yes, “better than the best e-journal themes” is just a gross understatement!

Premium Themes

Your publication has a sophisticated audience. Your audience will alway walk hand in hand with high quality publishing. Customization of themes that will shape your brand of scholarly publication calls for a team that improvises  on custom development. If you said delightful to  legacy publication systems, you will surely say “novellis” to our premium themes!
Netfunda Technologies delivers top notch services of: full site re-skin/styling, custom Theme options/framework development, custom page templates, plugin re-skin/styling, responsive development, adding widgetized spaces, and custom post type setup and integration. Our premium themes are elegant and classy. Netfunda Publizer offers premium themes as part of its Standard and Advanced Hosting Plans.

Optional Services

Your subscribers take a lot of pride in your publications. The very face of your publications, be it on paper or on the web has a place of pride in their memory. Websites, books and journals that you publish occupy shelf space. The face of your publication occupies the mind space.

From the masthead or  page header across the top of your page, your readers make decisive judgements on what to expect. We design unique and awesome-looking header,logos,sidebar widgets and plugins for your online journals and online publications.

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