Multiple Currencies

OneClickBill recognizes the importance of pluralizing currencies. With Netfunda OneClickBill you can create and send invoices to your clients in their respective currency. Companies that operate in multiple geographic markets recognize the importance of offering subscriptions in the preferred local currency. OneClickBill makes it easy to specify prices in each supported currency, so that your subscribers do not have to even think about currency conversion.OneClickBill uses IP address detection to automatically display each subscriber’s country, and currency. You can set your own foreign currency prices and even plan for market fluctuations. Netfunda OneClickBill allows you to set predetermined foreign exchange rates, in the absence of which the system takes the real time existing foreign exchange rate as the default value.

Multiple Languages

OneClickBill recognizes the importance of pluralizing languages in this era of global business. With Netfunda OneClickBill you can create and send invoices to your clients in their respective languages. Customize language settings in accordance with the native language of the subscriber. Your invoices and customer communications are delivered in your customers’ native language. Business reports suggest that testing across customers has demonstrated that presenting checkout pages in localized languages has improved conversion rates by 40%.

Multiple Payment Gateways

An invoicing software that does the billing is a half baked cake.You also need to manage payments. And not just one-time payments, but high-volume, recurring payments -from credit cards, PayPal, tokenized transactions and ACH. We have partnered with an entire ecosystem of payment gateway providers for payment processing including, Chase Paymentech, Verifi, and Litle & Co.

Payment Gateway Integration

PayPal for subscriptions has proven to increase sales conversion by offering a popular alternative method of payment to your recurring billing customers. Many of them are more likely to complete their purchase if PayPal is an option. Authorize.Net supports multiple currencies. You can accept online payments from your customers having just a credit card and take your business global.PayPal Payflow Pro is a great option for businesses with high volume of transactions.Setting up Stripe is simple. Available to users in US and Canada.This payment gateway charges one rate for every transaction. There are no additional costs with Stripe. 2Checkout payment gateway is ideal for people selling international. 2Checkout is multicurrency and multilingual. OneClickBill works with these and all major payment gateways.Braintree payment gateway makes accepting customer credit card payments real easy. Have clients across the world?Braintree supports multi-currency.

Customizable Payment Modes

Manage customers who receive an invoice and then pay by check, wire transfer, etc.For each business that you run in OneClickBill, you can set credit cards or invoices as the default payment method. You can also override this setting for any individual customer. For customers who want invoice billing, we will send an invoice via email. And when you receive a payment from your customer, you record the payment in OneClickBill. You can record full or partial payments.

Credit Card Recurring Billing

Have you experienced lock-ins with a payment gateway because they will not give the credit card away and you faced the risk of huge churn by asking customers to re-enter credit card? With us that is one less thing to worry about. Newer services like Stripe & Braintree Payments support data portability themselves. With most others our automated recurring billing ensures that you are not locked-in.

Customer Portability

If you would like to later switch to a different processing solution like our very own, OneClickBill it is pretty simple to do. You can even accept PayPal standard payments and direct credit card payments concurrently.

Dunning Management
Online transactions fail for a few reasons:

failure Of The Credit Card Used
Failure Of Your Online Payment Gateway Settings
Failure Of Your Merchant Account

If it is snag with your customer’s credit card, OneClickBill will perform the dunning management automatically. Our automatic billing system sends out notifications when cards are about to expire and sets up customized emails for different payment issues.

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