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There Are Only Two Things Which Are Infinite – Genius And Apps

With Netfunda On-Cloud the possibilities are truly infinite. Drag and drop from our cloud app builder to create apps as you like. Create amazing apps fast, connect anything you want and carry your office the way you want to use our business app builder. Create, connect and capitalize with our web based app builder like never before.



It does not take rocket science to build an app you like.Use Netfunda On-Cloud, the cloud app builder to create apps fast, as you like with drag and drop interface.


A cloud app builder is integrated within the Netfunda On-Cloud platform to allow you to create apps with tremendous control over the functionality, workflow and feel of your apps.

Drive business results

Designed for business users of the digital era, this sophisticated point-and-click technology enables you to build database-driven forms, reports and complete web applications fast and without coding.