Customized Notifications

Customizable Invoice Attachment And Communication

Attach your invoice in .pdf /.doc/.xml or any other format and mail it from your OneClickBill account to your subscriber. Save your time spent on printing, pasting envelopes and posting your invoices. You can add a payment stub and return envelope to keep track of your payments.Schedule invoices at a desired time. The invoice goes out automatically without having you logged-on to your account. Budget your time and costs on invoice communication.

Customizable Invoice Tracking And Report Generation

Keep track of recurring billing and payments. Set reminders for due dates of recurring billing and payment. Avoid following up each and every individual invoice manually.Customize the days after which each of these reminders has to be sent and to whom it has to be sent. Quickly see the ones that are paid and the ones that are still open. Easily narrow down to the invoices that are past their due date and take appropriate action. You can also track all customer payments and automate sending of payment thank-you mails to your customers.

Email Templates

Netfunda OneClickBill is the easiest and most elegant invoicing software. It helps you create, send and manage your invoices online. Using Netfunda OneClickBill you can track customer payments and also accept online payments from customers. We offer you elegant email templates that are simple and understandable at a glance. No doubt the email templates are among the most elegant you have ever seen.


Invoice templates carry your brand identity. Our billing software offers you invoice templates that are truly aesthetic. Our automated recurring billing system has aesthetically designed templates that can be used to design an invoice that adds to your arsenal of impression management. Choose features that best represent the values your brand stands for. Your brand. Your invoice.


Invoice templates convey the particulars of billing and payment. The invoice should be so done that one glance of your customer should suffice. This is an imperative that simply cannot be compromised upon. For the invoice to make sense it has to be simple.


You know best when exactly to deliver the invoice to your customer. You also know that invoicing is not the only function that keeps you busy. Netfunda OneClickBill resolves the issue for you.You can schedule your invoices and focus on priority stuff on your agenda. The invoice email is sent automatically to the customer(s).

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