Run Your Own Affiliate Plan

You may run an affiliate management system of your own or may use the reseller management system of some other enterprise. What ever be the case, OneClickBill allows you to manage your affiliate billing processes with ease and efficiency.

Our subscription billing automation allows for easy integration with, one of the world’s most admired affiliate reseller management system.

Fully White Label Reseller System

Use resellerclub domain hosting feature on OneClickBill. Easily track and manage online and offline B2B/B2C re-sellers. Track your partners’ sales by product and view detailed sales reports. Each reseller is setup as a payee in our hosted billing system. They get a login to review their account, add their payment details, etc. The automatic billing system distributes funds to each reseller for you based on the products they sell and their designated split of revenue, profit, or royalty share. Prices, discounts, and cross-sells can be reseller-specific, and each reseller can customize store look and feel.

OneClick Bill’s subscribers use notifications for pushing data out of the platform and into their own proprietary and reseller systems. While other recurring billing and payment services require that you deal with the hassle of having your system adapt to theirs, our reseller billing system is truly flexible. It easily adapts to a variety of client data delivery and integration needs.
Since our notifications can be defined and configured completely via the web interface (including which data and in which order), integrating OneClickBill to other systems is a child’s play. Some advantages to our powerful notification engine include:

Quick implementation
Easy integration with other systems
Do-it-yourself via the web interface
Flexible interface

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