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How An Ordering and Billing System Can Reduce Transaction Time for Retail Enterprises?

Cloud products like ordering and billing system can consolidate the sales process for retail enterprises. Cloud computing can enable retailers to drastically reduce transaction time. Indirectly it allows retailers to sell more volumes per unit of time. The business model based on “store pickup” is essentially a brainchild of American retail giants like Best Buy. Although the concept is new to India, it is being deemed as the next big inflexion point for retailers. The model works on a very simple premise. The customer chooses to buy a product and makes an online payment. He walks into the nearest store and collects the merchandise. This model of retail sales combines the best of the brick and mortar model with that of the online retail channel.

Analyzing The Store Pickup Model of Retail
The store pickup model has caught the imagination of Tata Croma, the retail arm of the diversified business conglomerate […]

How to craft a profitable subscription plan management strategy?

Subscription plan management has come off age in the new technological landscape. The unprecedented boom in the service economy across the world and the ongoing internet revolution has transformed the business matrix of  the service sector. To come straight to the point, digitization of services has crossed its stage of infancy and is well on its way to youth. There is no dearth of hosted billing software product in the market. Hence, choosing a hosted billing system is not a big deal. Rather gray cells are tested to the fullest, when businesses have to craft a subscription management strategy.
To begin with, the service sector by nature does not have and also does not need a physical interface between the company and the customer. Billing processes have been automated and thus it is faster and more efficient. Quality of billing processes has moved up several notches. Manual errors in billing […]

Vitality Of Performance Management Software In VUCA Climate

Performance management software is increasingly being used by companies to shore up productivity. While performance management software has become an integral part of business process automation, the fruits of human resource management are yet to be realized on the larger plane. In the context of recent shifts in the global business environment, companies need to take a much larger view of human resource management functions. Human resource management has to look beyond the obvious facts which are already well known. A fresh perspective on human resource management would embrace the particulars of corporate strategy, corporate governance, top management leadership and finally the role of the chief executive in a revamped business setting.
It would be too myopic to consider performance management software development to be sequestered from the recent developments that have followed the global meltdown in 2008. Across business verticals and countries, there has been tremendous consensus building on sustainability. Denominator […]

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How To Profit From Human Resource Management Software?

Human resource management software develops a system on whose foundations an organization is built. In fact it also strengthens the structure of the organization by lending vital fluidity reporting and payroll management. Human resource automation has been in vogue for decades now. The question that continues to sustain interest among corporate human resource manager is:

“How to profit from a human resource management software?”
In the quest for the best answer to this question, companies need to do some introspection on strategy, structure and systems. The interplay of these three factors determines the utility of a human resource management software. Strategy determines how the top management intends to navigate through challenges in the long term. Structure determines reporting relationships in the company and thus indirectly points towards, defining roles, responsibilities and accountability. The system decides employee and enterprise performance. A human resources management software should be used against the backdrop of […]

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Top Five Cloud Products To Amp Up Enterprise Performance

Cloud products have been known to drive enterprise performance. As businesses head towards a cloud computing infrastructure like never before, we track the top five cloud products. There is an abundance of cloud products in the market. Companies invest heavily in updating and installing automation systems to improve productivity and profitability. Among a vast crowd of cloud products doing the rounds in the market, we have picked those that deliver on the metrics of performance, cost and growth.

“ Our industry does not respect tradition — it only respects innovation. Make no mistake, we are headed for greater places — as technology evolves and we evolve with and ahead of it.” 
          – Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft

These words of the newly crowned Microsoft CEO indicate the importance of innovation  and sustainability. Cloud products evolve every single day. Some of these gain acceptance and stay put on the […]

Tracking the worldwide growth of cloud products and cloud businesses

Cloud products have been the biggest contributor to the recent watershed developments in the global IT industry. Cloud businesses today boast of a phenomenal growth record. When Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google uttered the words “cloud computing” in the year 2006, he caught the imagination of a generation of entrepreneurs and technocrats alike. It would not be an exaggeration to state that it was the biggest step enterprises and engineers could think of, in the journey towards creating a flat world. While the concept of the flat world or the borderless world has invited strong cynicism from pundits at B schools, one cannot deny the impact of cloud products in realizing the dream. What started off in 2006 as fever that gripped only Silicon Valley then, has spread like wildfire to all corners of the world. There are some interesting facts that substantiate the claim made here.

Entry Of […]

How To Negate Common Mistakes In Cloud Services Billing?

Cloud services billing as practiced by many software -as -a -service enterprises is prone to grave mistakes. Few things need to be borne in mind about SaaS enterprises at the outset.
First, they are typical service providers in the non-technical sense.
Second, cloud enterprises deal with services that are agnostic of platforms and products.
Third, they offer products that have many flanker models and gradations.
Fourth, cloud services offer ample scope for customization of client requirements.
In the backdrop of these elements noted above, our business consulting team at Netfunda has analyzed the following mistakes in cloud services billing.

Looking for the moment of truth in the wrong places
SaaS enterprises are service providers. Their services are installed on cloud. A vital interface between the service provider and the end user takes place on a virtual platform. The vital point on the agenda is to negotiate with the subscriber for subscription renewal. Subscription renewal works with recurring customer interface and […]

How To Fight Revenue Churn Using Subscription Plan Management?

Subscription plan management can enable a firm to fight revenue churn. Enterprises, big and small face a recurring problem of revenue churn. Most enterprises look for short term solutions to this problem and then forget it. At Netfunda, we call this myopic approach “fire fighting.” Our business consulting team offers a long lasting IT solution for revenue churn using effective subscription plan management. Here is a snapshot of our three pronged approach to revenue churn that works on the 3s of the McKinsey framework: strategy, structure and system.

Incorporate the Great Repetitive Model
The Great Repetitive Model focuses  on one best practice. Repeat activities that enable sustainability. For any business to sustain revenues, it is imperative to establish a system that touches on recurring communication with the existing customers, recurring billing and recurring monitoring of customer purchase history. This can be achieved by using a hosted billing system with powerful recurring […]

The Economics Of Customer Relationship Management Automation

Customer relationship management has found a great ally in information technology. It has been in existence for long enough. Blue chip corporate giants and small businesses alike have taken to CRM automation. A bird’s eye view of CRM software products will reveal a clutter of similar prototypes. After pumping precious millions of dollars into CRM software of different variety, the central question that remains to be answered is:

“ What extent of CRM automation is profitable for my business?”

There are two schools of thought on CRM. There is a school of marketing pundits like Philip Kotler and Don Peppers who emphasis on the behavioral school of marketing. This approach to marketing stresses on human behavior as the most important determinant of marketing outcomes. Human behavior and customer centric leadership is stressed on. Personal touch in communication and engagement with the customer are given importance. Opposed to this is the systems […]

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How Can Service Providers Profit From automatic Billing System?

Automatic billing system that offers complete subscription plan management can be a source of competitive advantage. At Netfunda, we produce cloud based software products to provide solutions to business verticals. Our billing solutions offering Netfunda OneClickBill has been instituted to administer profitable IT solutions to service providers. A hosted billing system does primary billing work. We have moved beyond that. Billing automation solutions for service providers has to cater to host industry specific issues. Moreover scalability of the subscription billing software makes a big difference. We address these issues.
Installation Of A Billing System
The fundamental question that concern service providers is the platform that hosts the online subscription management system. The internet boom has led to a strong resurgence in the subscription economy. Service providers have mushroomed like never before. When service providers use a platform that requires a physical interface, growth potential is restricted. When orders keep flowing in […]