From a mouthpiece that makes your cause a social movement, a journal on emerging economies to a service aimed at building a sustainable community of users ,non government organizations need to manage donations and subscription fees and be a part of the information route to ride the social marketing wave. Digital communities are willing to assemble, engage and lend their voices to your cause at an address that is global and in a form that is local.

Every cloud has a silver lining and when you engage with people from a cloud you have enough reasons to be on cloud nine.

Although the mission of each nonprofit enterprise is unique, the aspect that is universal to all nonprofit organizations is that process discipline is central to the accomplishment of any mission. Financial discipline and resource optimization are an imperative for nonprofit enterprises, especially so in the absence of objective performance metrics. Netfunda Technologies leverages its learning and experience with corporate clients to give differentiated solutions and products.

1. Publishing System

Publizer from Netfunda Technologies is the publication software that enables nonprofit organizations to take learning to the next level by easing out knowledge creation, retention, sharing and real time collaboration on intellectual property. Our product removes redundancies in the publishing process making it more cost effective and releases resources and time from publishing to be channelized into areas of core competence. Moreover the hassles of coordinating efforts across different platforms and resource persons for executing multiple tasks are reduced so as to give a shot in the publishing arm.

2. Recruiting Software 

Applicant Tracking System from Netfunda Technologies is the recruitment management software that enables nonprofit enterprises to achieve cost rationalization and technical efficiencies by enabling them execute recruitment functions like post job vacancies on multiple channels, build and scan a repository of resumes, automate screening processes, prioritize and rank resumes by filtering them and schedule selection processes thus reducing costs, cycle time and efforts in recruitment. We enable non government organizations to achieve paperless on boarding and new hire satisfaction.

3. HRMS 

Volunteers are often the lifeblood of not for profit organizations. They are like unpaid employees with all the same information management requirements. However, their motivations are different than employees and for that reason it is very important that volunteer contributions are recognized and celebrated. Auxiliary areas of volunteer management, such as active/inactive status, job titles, and emergency contact information, are all areas that require good information management. Human Resource Management System from Netfunda Technologies  enables media enterprises  execute functions across the wheel of human resources management such as performance management, payroll management, leave processing, reporting and employee benefits administration, all from a single window.

4. Customer Relationship Management 

Customer Relationship Management from Netfunda Technologies is a comprehensive cloud-based CRM solution designed to empower small to mid-sized nonprofits, and contains a full suite of applications, including fundraising, donor management, membership management, marketing and outreach, and more. With integrated online fundraising capabilities, CRM has been designed to keep up with changes in donating trends by offering a solution that can accept donations from multiple channels. These built-in, online fundraising tools allow for email blasts, instant automated tax receipts via email, event registration tracking, and automated membership renewal management.

5. Billing and Subscription 

Multiple types of billing are supported (e.g. fixed price, time and materials, etc.) to satisfy the requirements of multiple funding sources of nonprofit organizations. Billing and Subscription Management from Netfunda Technologies is the automatic billing and subscription management system that enables nonprofit organizations to execute project billing for multiple donors based on a percentage and/or fixed amount basis, bill individual work-orders/sub-projects/sub-awards to specific donors, apply donor restrictions automatically, indirect cost recovery computation and present invoices in multiple formats to conform to funders’ requirements.

6. Marketing Automation & Analytics

Marketing automation and analytics from Netfunda Technologies enables nonprofit organizations to integrate their marketing efforts from a cloud hosted platform and thus monitor each step of the marketing process. Our product performs key functions of social marketing with precision and clinical efficiency. Promoting a cause, event or platform for people to engage becomes a lot more easy and effective when the interface with the end user is personalized and streamlined. Nonprofit organizations can  can build an audience , communicate  with and track influencers and opinion leaders based on data and insights , send personalized newsletters, brochures and  invitations to participate in discussions and forums to lend solidity to the entire spectrum of marketing.

7. Netfunda On-Cloud

Social media has taught us that providing the right information at the right time will encourage greater engagement from stakeholders. A non-profit sector that could combine knowledge and resources in a similar way, while allowing for infinite modifications, and not being limited by proprietary interfaces or platforms, would be operating like the open web. “The sharing imperative” agenda is best fulfilled using our cloud app builder. Netfunda On-Cloud from Netfunda Technologies is the business app builder that can be used to create custom apps using drag and drop app builder and embed the website and server with mobile apps."