Netfunda Publizer offers automatic on cloud e-journal hosting. You may be a debutant publisher with relatively small volumes of publication or a state of the art institution in your academic field with hundreds of journals being published every year or a global brand in e-journal publication. If you have been into e-journal publishing before, you know what it means to depend on legacy e-journal. The first complexity arises with questions and technical issues surrounding the hosting of your online journal. Manual deployment of e-journal is passe. Move on to our new age publication software.

Netfunda Publizer automates the entire process of open access journal hosting and thus removes the redundancies associated with manual deployment. Our automatic on cloud hosting ensures that your e-journal hosting is executed with excellence. With just one click you can get your e-journal hosted on cloud. You will have completed your e-journal hosting on cloud even before you realize what has happened. Using Netfunda Publizer is that easy. When we say one click setup on cloud we truly mean it!

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