Custom Programing

We provide you with custom programming to customize your journal publishing software to adapt, adopt and fit in with your needs. Whether you need a customized feature for your e-journal publishing or you need to make a change to how your e-journal publishing software handles your publishing products, Netfunda Publizer has a fully responsive team of programmers to bend your the system your way.

We will build the system up from the ground. We will understand your goals, brand image and vision describing the alternatives, crafting your solution, offering support services to your staff, and maintaining your code. You will get the publication software working your way with all customizations carefully documented to make sure future upgrades are possible.

Custom Programing Highlights:

  • Integration with third party websites;

  • E-journal design and interface customization;

  • Adherence to SSL and server commerce security norms;

  • Digitization of print records;

API Framework

Netfunda Technologies has proven capabilities in extensive API (application programming interface) framework. You can use our API in combination with your e-journal publishing application to communicate, synchronize, or undertake an action with your own external application. Our experience with API development spans  across verticals including real estate, finance, retail, and manufacturing.

Custom Plug Ins

As an e-journal publishing website owner, you  will want to regularly extend the functionality of your journal site. Further, to meet your growing online marketing needs, you crave for enhanced web visibility. The need to improve the look and feel of your journal publishing website is a concern  that we address the best.

Customizing e-journal publishing systems plugins can be challenging if coding and programming is not your cup of tea. We have the best solution for you – our Netfunda Publizer Plugin customization solutions. We are a professional software as a service enterprise offering superior custom e-journal plugins within your budget. We specialize in creating custom e-journal Plugins tailor made for your exact requirements.

Custom Plug In Highlights:

  • As per your publishing requirements

  • Custom plugins for data storage and server security

  • Custom Publizer plugins for appearance and functioning of your journal website

  • Custom setting of existing Publizer plugins
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