Social overhead capital, utilities, customer interface, recruitment and human resource management solutions have to be delivered in a way that fulfills the promise of tomorrow’s government. Our products promote efficiency, transparency and fiscal prudence to address the challenges of public sector enterprises. From the global requirements of an upwardly mobile and achievement hungry India to the local requirements of a resurgent and solid Bharat we provide digital products to bridge the digital divide across the geographic and demographic spectrum.

Every cloud has a silver lining and when “we the people” govern from a cloud you have enough reasons to be on cloud nine.

Public sector enterprises across geographies have an agenda for fiscal prudence and cost discipline, resource optimization and transparency. PSEs are focusing on cost rationalization and redesigning their menu of offerings depending on competence availability. Netfunda Technologies leverages its learning and experience with corporate clients to give differentiated solutions and products.

1. Publishing Systems

Public sector enterprises publish, maintain and share high volumes of data on a recurring basis. There is ample opportunity for public sector enterprises to unlock resources, time and effort by replacing publishing systems that are based on main frame legacies. Publizer from Netfunda Technologies is the publication software that drives knowledge creation, editing, and sharing real time collaboration and aligns content management with e- governance initiatives.  We enable customers to integrate article submission, call for papers, submission review, submission editing, author review, issues management, newsletter publishing and many more custom fit functions using our user friendly and simple OJS custom tools.

2. Recruitment 

In emerging economies public sector enterprises are led by the commanding heights philosophy and thus are responsible for a sizeable chunk of employment generation for both white collar and blue collar positions. The internal processes involved are often complex and tend to sub optimize on cost and time parameters. Applicant Tracking System from Netfunda Technologies is the recruitment management software that enables media enterprises to  execute recruitment functions like posting job vacancies on multiple channels, build and scan a repository of resumes, prioritize and rank resumes by filtering them and scheduling selection processes thus reducing costs, cycle time and efforts in recruitment.


With employment base in public sector enterprises ranging from few hundreds to lakhs, enterprise performance management is a challenge given the backdrop of CRG (compliance, regulation and governance) issues. Human Resource Management System from Netfunda Technologies  enables public sector enterprises  execute functions across the wheel of human resources management such as performance management, payroll management, leave processing, reporting and employee benefits administration, all from a single window. Our product drives management of enterprise performance as a summation of employee and team performances.

4. Customer Relationship Management

Who is not a consumer of government product and offerings? This question is arguably easier to answer than its counterpart. Transactions of public sector enterprises with the retail consumers call for processes to address pace and efficiency of delivery. On the other hand institutional consumers of public sector enterprises have an agenda of quality, transparency and cost. Customer Relationship Management from Netfunda Technologies enables public sector enterprises to identify and trace leads, track follow up processes with prospects and get valuable insights on consumption patterns and trends of existing consumers.

5. Billing and Subscription

With large and often complex menus of services, public sector enterprises have a rather unenviable task of managing large chunks of subscribers. Talking of cost rationalization and fiscal discipline, billing and subscription is a key area for improvement. Billing and Subscription Management from Netfunda Technologies is the automatic billing and subscription management system  that enables public sector enterprises to streamline service delivery, accept one time and recurring payments through online and offline channels, raise invoices and thus keep track of subscription economics.

6. Marketing Automation and Analytics

An integral part of the governance agenda is to reach out products and services to citizens and consumers effectively. Public sector enterprises often sell products, services and also concepts to citizens and consumers.  Marketing Automation & Analytics from Netfunda Technologies enabled government agencies and public sector enterprise to increase reach and visibility, gather data on constituencies and beneficiaries of social security services, drive campaigns, strengthen citizen engagement with personalized letters, boost volunteer turnout for welfare  programs, spread awareness on  fresh and existing initiatives and invite citizen participation in events with ease and efficiency.

7.  Netfunda On-Cloud

With the rise of digital era and social media, there is an opportunity for public sector enterprises to deliver services from cloud hosted platforms. Governance and service delivery is awaiting a watershed development. Netfunda On-Cloud from Netfunda Technologies is the business app builder that transforms governance functions into lean processes. Our cloud services enable public sector enterprises to create custom apps using drag and drop app builder and embed the website and server with mobile apps. Governance at a click is the future.