Time Management

Netfunda People is phenomenal, yet lucid and easy-to-use time-management software. This online human resources management tool enables you to record and monitor your employees’ time and work – anytime and from anywhere! You can now regularly monitor the efficiency of your team and the effectiveness of time spent on work, thus improving your team collaboration and productivity.

Personal Information Management Highlights:

Schedule Your Jobs

Netfunda people enables you to record all your work items in a single click. Moreover you can easily add job items and update them as well.  In short our HRMS software prioritizes jobs in accordance with the deadlines for the completion of those jobs. This is particularly helpful when you have complex projects where jobs have to be synchronized and arranged in a sequence.When the job is completed, you can move on to the next work item, simply after having updated the status as ‘Completed’.  This way Netfunda People promotes accountability.

Pay for Performance

Netfunda People’s time tracker helps you assess the productivity of your people across work time perfectly. You can record the job entries on a daily and weekly basis.  You can get an overview of how much time that has been spent on each activity. Log billable hours and make sure you pay  for the number of hours your people work.

Furnish Accurate Reports

Our  time wise reports give you a  crystal clear view  bereft of ambiguity.You get accurate visual reports of how much time your people spend on jobs. You can track the performance of an employee on a regular basis. Plus you keep yourself  updated on the ground situation as it progresses. You can customize the layout of the reports and export those reports in a variety of formats. You also get the option to print the reports online.

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