One -Time Billing

On many instances you will need to charge a one-time fee from customers. There are a number of ways to do this in OneClickBill. If you need to charge your customers once then you can customize your OneClickBill account settings to define the frequency of your subscriber’s payment at zero. Your customers shall make the payment once and get an invoice against that.

It may so happen that you you need to charge the customer now and maybe in the future. You can create customer database and record the current transaction. Your OneClickBill account can be used to create a separate directory of such customers. Once you define them in OneClickBill, you can charge their card anytime.

Recurring Billing

Recurring revenues from recurring subscriptions are the outcomes of a Great Repetitive Model of software as a service subscription. The challenge for your SaaS enterprise is to move in tandem with the subscriber as he shuffles across service plans and categories mid cycle. OneClickBill takes care of penalty billing, “rollover” credits for unused services, and pro-rating customers’ fees when they change plans mid-cycle. The subscription billing automation can also tie into the authorization or provisioning systems a company might have to manage who has access to what.

The key to successful recurring billing for SaaS is pricing flexibility that spans across product lines and customer segments. With OneClickBill, the SaaS subscription software from Netfunda Technologies your SaaS enterprise gets the best tools for cloud services billing.

Customizable Monetization Models
Choose from subscriptions, metered usage, on-demand, tiered services, one-time transactions, self-service, or a combination of any pricing option. across accounts, regions, channels and product lines. Use a cafeteria menu approach to decide pricing.Our hosted billing system delivers what you choose.

Customizable Frequency Models
Choose the frequency at which you want to get paid. Depending on the SaaS prototype that you offer to your subscribers, customize payment plans in terms of time periods for receiving payments- daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly,bi annually, annually.

Customizable Multiple Concurrent Billing Models
Choose the permutation of pricing plans that is proportionate to the permutation of SaaS subscribers. Expand without disruption, complication or delay as your recurring revenue business grows. Roll offers out to millions of customers across hundreds of products in tens of thousands of configurations and permutations.

Customizable Agility Models
Choose the rate at which you want to operate in the order to cash cycle. Reduce cycle time of order to cash cycles. Integrate “speed and surprise” in your subscription billing with pricing strategy to beat competition. Test initiatives, tweak features to your benefit and launch within days. Repeat the best practices to get best results.

Customized Invoicing

Be it a start up enterprise that is about to receive its first payment or a large company with multiple product lines, invoicing today has become a complex process. With customers making purchases across the world, using personalized devices for order bookings and tracking the delivery of a consignment of products or subscribed services against payment received, loyalty programs with bonus points to trigger repeat purchases, recurring invoicing and payment and online subscription management can be a nightmare for the finance department.

Customizable invoice templates
Invoice templates carry your brand identity. Our automated recurring billing system has aesthetically designed templates that can be used to design an invoice that adds to your arsenal of impression management. Choose features that best represent the values your brand stands for.

Customizable invoice attachment and communication
Attach your invoice in .pdf /.doc/.xml or any other format and mail it from your OneClickBill account to your subscriber. Save your time spent on printing, pasting envelopes and posting your invoices. You can add a payment stub and return envelope to keep track of your payments.Schedule invoices at a desired time. The invoice goes out automatically without having you logged-on to your account. Budget your time and costs on invoice communication.

Customizable invoice tracking and report generation
Keep track of recurring billing and payments. Set reminders for due dates of recurring billing and payment. Avoid following up each and every individual invoice manually.Customize the days after which each of these reminders has to be sent and to whom it has to be sent. Quickly see the ones that are paid and the ones that are still open. Easily narrow down to the invoices that are past their due date and take appropriate action. You can also track all customer payments and automate sending of payment thank-you mails to your customers.

Customizable cash inflow analytics
Customers sit at the center of a subscription business, and accordingly, key metrics are often customer focused. Our subscription management system gives insights into customer centric metrics like total active subscriptions, lost subscriptions and dormant subscriptions. Know the most valuable subscription metrics like monthly recurring revenue (MRR), total contract value (TCV) and assess the subscriber potential across the sales lifecycle.

Customizable benefactor status
Your business may have some special faces. They deserve privileges.Let your customers to choose how much to donate. Organizations with membership plans can use our club membership billing system. Give your customers options with our customer specific payment gateways for the causes you care about.

Tax Compliance

OneClickBill handles tax collection, compliance, and payment on your behalf. Avoid tax compliance issues by state or country by allowing OneClickBill handle tax billing on your behalf. OneClickBill includes support for real-time VAT ID validation and exemption for B2B customers.

Standardize taxes applicable once
Specify the price and taxes for each of the products while adding them into the quotation software. This saves you from the effort of re-entering these details in each and every invoice or quote that you generate. You can also specify the taxes and discounts for each and every item on the fly while creating quotes or invoices.

VAT Requirements
The tax billing system conforms to all EU VAT requirements as of 2012.

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