Succession Planning

Leaders are born and cannot be automated through any system. But in order to resolve the crisis of leadership in your company you need a pipeline of leaders who need to be groomed over the long term. You have to track many parameters of  individuals and then choose from the options that you have. Netfunda People simplifies succession planning with insightful analysis of employees and their teams over the long term to help you decide the business leaders of tomorrow.

Track Individual Performance

Our performance tracker is a highly flexible feature that allows you to create customizable fields to measure the performance of individuals. You can create and edit fields for performance appraisal on the basis of KRAs. Simple graphical tools can be used to compare and analyze the performance of different employees on various KRAs. You get the larger picture of your people on the basis of performance over the long term.

Track Team Performance

Our  effective human resource management software enables you to monitor the performance of  different teams over different time frames. You can create and edit fields for assessing the performance of different teams. The flexibility of our cloud HRMS allows you to compare and analyze the performance of different teams led by different individuals. You can create fields like sales targets achieved, volume of sales, turnover, net profit, quality control results, in time completion of projects and many others. You get a complete picture of who can best extract results from people for your company.

 Track People Skills

Netfunda HRMS can be used to create personalized and discrete channels for employee interface. our software allows you to set access permits to mails coming in from employees with regard to their grievances and ideas on improvement of specific work related issues. You can customize settings to determine the visibility and know how of these mails. Of course these functions can be done on a regular  email interface. With Netfunda People you create not only a channel of communication for employees to give you the inside story but a vault for storing and analyzing behavioral traits of the future leaders of your company. Again you can use graphical tools to quantify the traits of your leaders on the feedback you get from your subordinate staff.

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