Personal Information Management

You may have often pondered on newer and more effective ways to boost organizational citizenship. Conventional wisdom suggests that  organizational citizenship gives a boost to motivation levels. This is the prescription your company has to religiously follow. Netfunda People is without an iota of doubt the best medicine.

Our self-service feature allows employees to access, update and modify their own records based on established rules. This releases your HR staff from having to respond to requests and manually enter changes. Time and talent are more effectively utilized. Employees are  bound to be more engaged and motivated.

Personal Information Management Highlights:

Create and Manage Employee Database

Empower employees. Provide them the ability to create and maintain their own records—change of address, marital status, dependents, etc.—to help ensure all information is accurate and updated. The HR staff get automatic notifications to take any required action in a timely manner.

Easily Handle Leave Requests

Your people can use Netfunda People to request leave and view their leave balance and history. All requests are automatically routed to the authorizing individual based on your approval process. Approvers can view their entire department with a sneak peek. They can approve/reject the request in order to maintain adequate headcount.

Industrial Democracy

You, the HR manager can make a great difference to your people. By allowing your people to create and edit their personal records you give them a personalized window to project themselves. To be seen by others, the way one wants to be seen is a strong step towards honoring and recognizing the individual that your employee is. Netfunda People is a strong mascot of industrial democracy.


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