Health care for all is a commodity. But health care as a product for the modern customer requires systems for customer interface which are streamlined, efficient and personalized. Enterprises dealing with health care products and services need to enhance operational efficiency and streamline internal processes. Our products enable health care products and service providers to achieve these. You take care of healthy people while we care for your health care products and enterprise.

Every cloud has a silver lining and when you care from a cloud you have enough reasons to be on cloud nine. The mission of Netfunda Technologies in the field of healthcare is to provide solutions that address patient centricity, affordability and customer engagement. Netfunda Technologies leverages its learning and experience with corporate clients to give differentiated solutions and products.

1. Publishing System                        

Health care enterprises have to publish tons of data and update them on a regular basis. Publizer from Netfunda Technologies is the publication software that drives knowledge creation, editing, sharing and real time collaboration and aligns your knowledge management strategy with content marketing strategy. Our product works on the Open Journal system and can be custom fit to enterprise requirements and thus optimize yet modernize internal processes for content management. We enable healthcare enterprises to manage all functions across the publishing spectrum with ease and simplicity.

2. Recruiting

Choosing the right person with the right skill set in a knowledge driven vertical like healthcare is serious business. The costs of searching the right person, resource and time consumption can make it a big challenge. Applicant Tracking System from Netfunda Technologies is the recruitment management software that enables healthcare enterprises to post situations vacant simultaneously across all channels, filter and manage resumes, schedule selection processes and rope in talent custom fit with the budget, job profile and strategy of healthcare enterprises.

3.  HRMS  

A state of the art healthcare enterprise combines medical expertise with customer interface. More than treatment, the multiplicity of internal processes, inter departmental coordination and allocation of resources on a recurring basis is the real challenges. Human Resource Management System from Netfunda Technologies enables healthcare enterprises to execute functions across the wheel of human resources management such as performance management, payroll management, and leave processing, reporting and employee benefits administration all from a single window. Our product drives management of enterprise performance as a summation of employee and team performances. We enable healthcare enterprises to deliver world class healthcare services as lean and fit teams.

4. Billing and Subscription 

The modern healthcare enterprise delivers unique and personalized services to patients that require the interface of several departments, medical boards and teams. Subscription billing, recurring billing, subscription invoicing and cashless hospitalization can consume resources and time wastefully. Billing and Subscription Management from Netfunda Technologies is the automatic billing and subscription management system that  enables  healthcare enterprises to create and record  bills, invoices and accept online/offline payment and export data to accounting software.

5. Marketing Automation and Analytics                           

Doctors can treat ailments that patients report. There are millions of health issues which are not reported because the patients may not feel the necessity to report or may be unaware of the enormity of the situation that is evolving underneath. Preventive health care has to be proactive and agile. It has to be provided, not on the occurrence of exigencies but twenty four cross seven and round the year. We enable healthcare enterprises to engage with people right down the wire. Healthcare as a concern is global but the solutions are always local. Across diverse demographic, geographic and economic profiles there are unique opportunities which need to be traced, tracked and analyzed. Healthcare awareness campaigns, affordable schemes for medication, periodic health check up reports, brochures and catalogues, reminders for diagnostics and personalized medical history based offerings can be reached out to patients in an efficient and effective manner with Marketing Automation & Analytics from Netfunda Technologies.

6. Netfunda On-Cloud 

Netfunda On-Cloud from Netfunda Technologies is the business app builder that enables healthcare enterprises to create custom apps for both standardized and personalized functions by using the simple drag and drop app builder and embed website and server with mobile apps. From a request for an appointment in the OPD, scheduling a date for surgery, making a request for medical diagnostics, asking for diet plans and self service tips for preventive healthcare and many more such functions can be mobilized with ease with apps. We enable healthcare enterprises to be more proactive by moving from the “doctor on call” model to the “doctor on app” model.