Reporting Management

Human Resource Information System is perhaps the most important component of the organizational structure that your company has.  To bring out different perspectives to the same problem, punching in the views of all individuals to create a company view that is composite in nature but independent of individual biases and pejudices, is complex. Defining reporting relationships and drawing the lines to specify the domain of an individual occupies tremendous time and effort of an HR manager. Netfunda People is a fully customizable workforce management software that makes your protocol agnostic of individuals. It makes your work culture and the skeleton of your company tamper proof.


Personal Information Management Highlights:

Create and Manage Employee Database

Empower employees. Provide them the ability to create and maintain their own records—change of address, marital status, dependents, etc.—to help ensure all information is accurate and updated. The HR staff get automatic notifications to take any required action in a timely manner.

Define Responsibilities

The first priority that our cloud HRMS addresses is the domain of each employee. Performance appraisal and growth monitoring is all about defining KRAs for each individual. This is what our people management software does. You give a boost to accountability by defining responsibilities.

Formulate Reporting Relationships

Across different departments in your company you need to have the hierarchy of reporting relationships in place. Our system is built up from the ground to handle this. Our software can be used to specify individuals who can accept and review reports of specified tasks. you create a list of superiors and laterals who can accept reports on specific subjects. You boost transparency by disseminating information on a need to know basis.

Send Reminders for Report Scheduling:

In the midst of a pile of reports that have to be mailed your people may accidentally forget due dates and timings for sending reports. Our automatic HRMS product can be used to set reminders and schedule tasks. This ensures that your people do not miss out on any deadline.

HRMS API SDK for Developers:

Reports do vary in their formats depending upon the nature of the subject that it deals with. Netfunda People is a brainchild of  our team of developers who have carefully built strong API capabilities so that your people can export to and import data from  associated documents in any format. You heard it right “in any format”.


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