Emerging economies are witnessing an urbanization wave never seen before. Real estate business today is more than mere construction of structures. On one hand it continues to be an engineering dependent field while on the other hand it addresses an entire gamut of issues including lifestyles, customer interface communities, consumer finance, resource mobilization and CRG (compliance, governance and regulation) issues. The challenge for real estate enterprises today is to provide sustainable living solutions.

Every cloud has a silver lining and when you build from a cloud you have enough reasons to be on cloud nine.

Netfunda Technologies leverages its learning and experience with corporate clients to give differentiated solutions and products.

1. Customer Relationship Management

Real estate firms and their agents cannot take a chance with functions like managing leads and keeping track of buyers and sellers, booking of inventories and multiple payment plans. Starting with a central database for all customer related data including documents and easily customizable workflow, we deliver visibility and control throughout the buying and selling process. Customer Relationship Management from Netfunda Technologies enables real estate enterprises affiliates and agents to take customer engagement and marketing to the next level. Our product enables real estate enterprises to execute lead generation, prospect follow up, end user interface (for closing deals) and lead assignment to  the sales  team with unparalleled ease.

2. Billing

Real estate enterprises have to coordinate billing efforts at various levels: third party real estate enterprises, end users, agents and consumer finance providers (banks) thus making the billing process complex. Billing and Subscription Management from Netfunda Technologies is the automatic billing and subscription management system  that enables real estate enterprises to manage clients,  raise invoices, accept online and offline payment, send automatic payment reminders, track payment plans chosen by customers and export billing data to accounting software so as to derive cost and manpower efficiencies.

3. Recruiting

Applicant Tracking System from Netfunda Technologies is the recruitment management software that enables is a one stop solution to the recruitment challenges of real estate enterprises. Our product enables media enterprises to execute recruitment functions like posting job vacancies on multiple channels, build and scan a repository of resumes, prioritize and rank resumes by filtering them and scheduling selection processes thus reducing costs, cycle time and efforts in recruitment.


Dealing with twin sets of white collar and blue collar workforces can be a major challenge. Optimizing people performance thus calls for an automated system that can be custom fit for both the segments. Handling separate teams of workforce for different projects, allocating human resources to fresh projects, transferring human resources between projects and coordinating with each team from a single window calls for data centric manpower planning. Human Resource Management System from Netfunda Technologies  enables public sector enterprises  execute functions across the wheel of human resources management such as performance management, payroll management, leave processing, reporting and employee benefits administration, all from a single window. Our product drives management of enterprise performance as a summation of employee and team performances.

5. Marketing Automation & Analytics

Navigating through layers of affiliates, agents, banks and end users to create a brand that stands for sustainable living requires real estate enterprises to build frameworks and systems to gather customer insights, track marketing campaigns and communicate with customers on a very personalized platform. Given the complex issues of CRG (compliance, regulation and governance) there is a pressing need for real estate enterprises to leverage reputation as strategic behavior. Marketing Automation & Analytics from Netfunda Technologies executes functions of personalized communication in the form of brochures, newsletters and bulletins on fresh projects and track marketing campaigns with utmost precision.

6. Netfunda On-Cloud

Given the substantial requirement to engage with the customer on the service front, real estate enterprises have to build a significant online audience and continuously engage with them. The XY generation socializes, mobilizes opinions and shapes buyer behavior on not one but several platforms.  Netfunda On-Cloud from Netfunda Technologies is the business app builder that enables all real estate enterprises to execute service functions from cloud hosted solutions with clinical efficiency. Our cloud platform can be used to create custom apps using drag and drop app builder and embed the website and server with mobile apps.