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Are you ready to win the talent war?

Find a one stop solution to your recruitment requirements. Centralize the functions of sourcing, tracking, hotlisting, onboarding, scheduling and organizing interviews, calendar integration of events and associated custom fit functions. Win the talent war efficiently and effortlessly with our applicant tracking system.

Find the talent you are looking for

Craft multiple enrollment points and build bridges through them to reach out to the talent that fits the bill in accordance with the job profile, work culture and KRAs of your organization.

Filter and manage resumes

Scan through stock piles of resumes and engage with the guy of your choice. Prioritize and rank resumes, build a pipeline of resumes and manoeuvre the talent flow in your organization. Set time schedules for interviews and track progress at every step that brings him closer to your talent loop.

Document and share job openings

Choose from a long range of options to decide your talent menu and share talent vacancies faster and more effectively. Create jobs once and update it everywhere. Share vital information on corporate persona of your organization and learn more on the candidate. Share, know and engage.

Low on time consumption high on performance

Streamline the entire recruitment cycle. Make recruitment a lean process. Focus on employee productivity and get on the floor with your people. Our system does the rest.