Training & Development

Netfunda People is not just a software but a complete  performance management system. It performs TNA ( training needs analysis) to perfection. Our online people management software makes it easy for you and your HR manager to identify potential areas for improvement. Mot only this it also does all functions related to scheduling,planning and organizing HR training programs. In short you get a higher worth form time and money invested on training programs.

Training & Development Highlights:

Research on Training Needs Analysis

The first step towards an effective training program is the execution of TNA. By monitoring the performance of individuals on KRAs (key result areas) you can publish,view and share important insights on individual and team performance across different functions in the company. You can create report for individuals and teams with insightful graphical tools to analyze areas for improvement and then set the ball rolling towards effective training programs.

Execute Training Scheduling

Our system is blessed with strong API capabilities and integrates easily with Google calendar. Based on sales seasons, deadlines for project executions and leaves you can schedule your training programs and optimize the headcount of trainees. Netfunda People ensures that every penny spent on your training program is worth its value.

Plan For Training

Once you set your sights on rolling out a training program, you can plan different phases/modules/ levels for the training program/ Mark resources required and availability of in house trainers. Again you can simplify each level or module into different sessions. On the completion of each session of the training program you can go back to the system and update status as “completed.”

Engage In Training Correspondence

In your effort to train and develop the capabilities of your human capital, Netfunda People offers you an interface for correspondence with your employees explaining them the objectives of the training program and the plausible benefits. Moreover you can set reminders to be delivered to the trainees on a custom date and time. The system automatically sends reminders to the trainees.


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