Manufacturers across the globe are trying to reduce operational expenditure, invest in process improvement and increase efficiencies. This calls for just in time insights, improved customer interface, on demand visibility, best on cost and best on talent decisions. Insights on rampant changes in trends and shocks in the market call for data augmentation and analytics. Improved customer interface comes from streamlined marketing campaigns and workflow automation across diverse sales teams. On demand visibility calls for brand presence anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Every cloud has a silver lining and when you manufacture from a cloud you have enough reasons to be on cloud nine.

Manufacturers can adopt a strong agenda for cost rationalization by reducing selling costs, general and administrative costs, and costs of goods sold. This agenda can be fulfilled by aligning with channel partners and sales organizations. Netfunda Technologies leverages its learning and experience with corporate clients to give differentiated solutions and products.

1. Recruiting 

Manufacturing enterprises are premised on both technical and managerial talent. Industry and product specific technical skills are of paramount importance in this field. Managerial talent for manufacturing enterprises is a key driver of business growth through organic and inorganic routes. Applicant Tracking System from Netfunda Technologies is the recruitment management software that enables insurance enterprises to execute recruitment functions like posting job vacancies on multiple channels, build and scan a repository of resumes, prioritize and rank resumes by filtering them and scheduling selection processes thus reducing costs, cycle time and efforts in recruitment.

2. Human Resources Management

Quality and productivity issues are recurring challenges for manufacturing enterprises which have to be addressed with agility and precision. Manufacturers have previously invested in mainframe IT systems. The challenge is to get over the legacy issues. Human Resource Management System from Netfunda Technologies  enables manufacturing enterprises execute functions across the wheel of human resources management such as performance management, payroll management, leave processing, reporting and employee benefits administration, all from a single window. Our product drives management of enterprise performance as a summation of employee and team performances.

3. Sales and customer relationship 

Manufacturers have to work with a complex web of channel partners and distributors. At every step in the distribution channel there is an opportunity to enhance order tracking, consignment delivery, follow up on orders and collaborate on cross selling and down selling products. Customer Relationship Management from Netfunda Technologies enables manufacturing enterprises to manage leads, automate workflow across the chain, closely monitor sales across product categories on custom fit periodicity levels and share information in a smarter way.

4. Netfunda On-Cloud 

Manufacturing enterprises operate in a business climate that is governed by quality control, quality tests, productivity assessments, precision tests, and many more such functions. Most of these functions are programmable functions which are imperatives but exclusive of the core competence of manufacturing enterprises. Netfunda On-Cloud from Netfunda Technologies is the business app builder that enables healthcare enterprises to create custom apps for improving online presence and thus improve user experience with regard to product offerings, payment options and plans, claims settlement and a host of other functions which can be hosted from the cloud and embedded in the website or server as mobile app.