Human Resource Management Software

Measurement. Accountability. Empowerment. Performance

Your people are your greatest strength.  Its your people  who can make a difference to your business, to your goals and to your performance. Call it talent management, HRM, people management or performance management.

Explore the new wave of people and performance management with Netfunda People, the human resource management system software from Netfunda Technologies. It is the essential vitamin for superior performance of your troops.

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Personal Information Management

  • Create and Manage Employee Database
  • Easily Handle Leave Requests
  • Industrial Democracy
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Reporting Management

  • Define Responsibilities
  • Formulate Reporting Relationships
  • Send Reminders for Report Scheduling
  • HRMS API SDK for Developers
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Time Management

  • Schedule Your Jobs
  • Pay for Performance
  • Furnish Accurate Reports
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Leave Management

  • Manage Leave Information
  • Juggle Multiple Custom Leave Types
  • Manage Leave Requests
  • Systematize Holiday List
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Training & Development

  • Research on Training Needs Analysis
  • Execute Training Scheduling
  • Plan For Training
  • Engage In Training Correspondence
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Employee Benefits and Expenses Administration

  • Track Provident Fund of Employees
  • Evaluate Income Tax Deductions
  • Handle Allowance Administration
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Payroll Management

  • Synchronize Pay With Productivity Management
  • Synchronize Pay With Leave Management
  • Synchronize Pay With Time Management
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Succession Planning

  • Track Individual Performance
  • Track Team Performance
  • Track People Skills
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