Subscription API for SaaS

Netfunda has spent considerable time designing recurring billing API For developers to be as easy as possible for developers. You will make the least number of API calls to retrieve data from OneClickBill. OneClickBill has subscription-specific APIs for authentication, orders and notifications built in our recurring billing and payment software. These include Get Subscription, Update Subscription, Cancel Subscription and Renew (for “On-Demand” subscriptions). Full documentation is available on our public support site. Key excerpts from this documentation, including an overall architectural diagram, are also presented on this site in the section.

API Documentation
Our excellent API documentation provides all of the information necessary to start leveraging the power of OneClickBill quickly.

Open-source Wrappers
Ruby, PHP, Python, Java, C#, and ColdFusion open-source billing wrappers are available to make things even easier.

Response Data
The structure of XML response documents is intuitive, complete and lean.

Ordering Interface API

Imagine a subscription management system that combines the capabilities of a hosted billing system and a highly customizable service ordering interface. You must have imagined the unparalleled ease of having a multi tasking automatic billing system that not only does billing functions, but provides an interface between subscriber order communication and billing.

You imagine of integrating capabilities of billing and ordering interface systems. OneClickBill takes you to the zenith!

OneClickBill form Netfunda Technologies makes it possible. Each time that your subscriber places an order on your OneClickBill account, you see the coffers filling up thick and fast.

OneClickBill gives you this one of its kind advantage. Stay a step ahead of your competitors. Integrate your billing and invoicing capabilities with your marketing arm. Happy customers and Happy You.

Domain & Hosting Order Management

OrderBox functionality in OneClickBill enables customers of SaaS enterprises to order and manage domain purchases in a fully automated way.Domain & Hosting Order Management add on can be used to execute functions from registrations to advanced domain management. Recurring Billing for SaaS done on OneClickBill offers the following features:

Automatic Registration & Transfers
OneClickBill can post all clients domain order data to a domain registrar of your choice.

Name Servers Management
OneClickBill enables your clients to view and edit where their domain points right from your own client area.

Domain Locking
OneClickBill can be turned on/off to protect domains from transfers away.

Domain Syncing
OneClickBill automatically keeps domains in your OneClickBill system in sync with the domain registrars for subscription validity status & expiry dates.

Real-Time Domain Availability Checking
OneClickBill checks for domain availability against WHOIS services before allowing orders to be placed.

OneClickBill Information
Information can also be reviewed and updated with supported registrars.

Automatic Renewals
Our software-as-a-service subscription plan management can be enabled/disabled by clients to set if they want to renew their domains.

EPP Code Retrieval
Prorating of software-as-a-service subscription can be done on demand giving you no hassles if and when subscribers want to leave your service.

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