Fully Customizable Front-end

Imagine a subscription management system that combines the capabilities of a hosted billing system and a highly customizable service ordering interface. You must have imagined the unparalleled ease of having a multi tasking automatic billing system that not only does billing functions but provides an interface between subscriber order communication and cloud product billing. This is why we at Netfunda, have engineered an automatic billing system with a fully customizable front end. The front end when fully customizable gives you the flexibility to tweak it for twin purposes of:

  • billing
  • ordering interface

You imagine of integrating capabilities of billing and ordering interface systems. OneClickBill takes you to the zenith!

OneClickBill form Netfunda Technologies makes it possible. Each time that your subscriber places an order on your OneClickBill account, you see the coffers filling up thick and fast.

OneClickBill gives you this one of its kind advantage. Stay a step ahead of your competitors. Integrate your billing and invoicing capabilities with your marketing arm. Happy customers and Happy You.

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