E-Journal publishing system is a distant cousin of English literature. This seems as ambiguous as it can get. ‘Looking through rose tinted glasses’  was a phrase raised to the highest echelons of popularity by the literary classic :

Alice in the wonderland

The difference between modernity and its successor is best viewed through a social, economic or technological proxy. Living in the world of cloud computing I have opted for a proxy that is premised on the paradigm of software as a service. My lens to look at the splitting gap between the modern and the post modern is the vengeance of e-journal publishing software.

e-Journal Publishing System

I bear testimony to that moment of glory when OJS had announced its arrival on the scene. I have a distinct memory of OJS rubbing inspiration on the minds of e-journal publishers in a way similar to the block buster entry of Caesar. For a generation e-journal publishers literally hero worshipped open journal systems. It was indeed a triumph of software technology over archaic labor intensive methods of publishing journals. But as in the Shakespearean classic as also in the IT industry, there is a Brutus, who ends the supreme reign of Caesar. To put it in the words of the newly crowned CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella

“Our industry does not respect tradition — it only respects innovation. Make no mistake, we are headed for greater places — as technology evolves and we evolve with and ahead of it.”

Netfunda Publizer is the Brutus of the post modern era of e-journal publishing. Put the anatomy of this new species on the dissection table along with its counterpart. Netfunda Publizer is an e-journal publishing system with automatic one click installation on cloud. It does away with the redundancies of legacy OJS hosting. This feature, when seen from the perspective of plug and play trend that is pervading all verticals like personal devices, social media and computing devices may turn out to be a game changer. Talk about disruptive technologies and Netfunda Publizer fits the bill. Move on to the modern web 2.0 OJS themes. If beauty has ever been a killer you need to admit that these web 2.0 themes are light years ahead of OJS themes of its predecessor. Shift to the enhanced functionality of Netfunda Publizer and you will realize that life is a lot better without a pain called “coding.” The custom OJS plug-ins provides stupendous enhanced functionality. Moreover OJS custom development that is on offer empowers open journal publishers to customize like never before.

As of now Netfunda Publizer offers three subscription plans: free, standard and advanced. These plans have been competitively priced. The sum of innovation and cost efficiency equals disruption. The lens through which we look at events as they shape our destinies is important. A lens that believes that the old worldly Caesar and his empire that was built on loyalty were great would hold grudges. The other lens of William Baumol Jr. would call it innovation. Very soon the connoisseurs of open journal systems will cry out, either with hope or with despair: “Brutus, you too!”  Netfunda Publizer will play Brutus.