How To Get More Out Of Your Subscription Billing Software: An SME Perspective

Subscription billing software can offer value based solutions to the SME sector. Subscription billing, when executed with efficiency can be a source of competitive advantage. Small businesses find it particularly difficult to handle receivables management. Sustaining in cut throat competition requires a business model that shall generate recurring revenue. Moreover, there is also a constant threat of revenue churn. Revenue churn may occur due to many reasons. Customer loyalty, customer interface and complexity in billing are some of the foremost reasons behind revenue churn. Recurring revenue in the hindsight means recurring billing. The objective then is to have a solution for subscription plan management. Effective subscription plan management kills many birds with one stone
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Build traffic with trial pricing and coupons
As new kids on the block, the first hurdle that small businesses have to cross is traffic building. Beyond doubt, a competitive price […]

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How To Provide World Class Healthcare Without Impacting Fiscal Health?

What is common to Amartya Sen, Jean Dreze, Dr. Manmohan Singh and Barrack Obama? All of them have been unethical and vociferous in their wholehearted participation in the crusade for effective and proactive government sponsored health care programs. As with any agenda of a welfare state, that gets  a thumbs down from markets and economists who cry” fiscal prudence”, programs like Food Security Bill and the Obama HealthCare plan have both come under stinging cynicism in their respective countries- India and USA. On a serious note the TINA (There Is No Alternative) syndrome is too much of a concern to be swept under the rugs. But it is equally true that, when corporate doyens like Bill Gates champion the cause of affordable health care under banners like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, it becomes crystal clear that government sponsored health care is an imperative for good governance. Can […]

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Cloud Hosted Solutions for Real Estate Companies from Netfunda

Netfunda offers cloud hosted solutions for real estate companies which have been under pressure for some time now. While credit rating agencies and major investment banks have ruled out a repeat of the 2008 subprime crisis, it is a stark truth that the last few quarters have been tough for most real estate companies. The challenges are many fold. Advances from new projects are decelerating and so are collections from running projects. The net effect – increased borrowings with associated interest costs, which are depleting the bottom-line of companies. On the surface, it looks like a macro-economic crisis. 
However, data on the operational level performance of EPC companies shows a high direct proportionality between the project execution lead-time (and delays) with margin erosions and working capital requirements.  Moral of the story is that delays in project executions lead to direct cash outflow in terms of missing materials and on-site expenses. […]

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