Cloud products have been known to drive enterprise performance. As businesses head towards a cloud computing infrastructure like never before, we track the top five cloud products. There is an abundance of cloud products in the market. Companies invest heavily in updating and installing automation systems to improve productivity and profitability. Among a vast crowd of cloud products doing the rounds in the market, we have picked those that deliver on the metrics of performance, cost and growth.

Our industry does not respect tradition — it only respects innovation. Make no mistake, we are headed for greater places — as technology evolves and we evolve with and ahead of it.” 

          – Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft

These words of the newly crowned Microsoft CEO indicate the importance of innovation  and sustainability. Cloud products evolve every single day. Some of these gain acceptance and stay put on the market, while others perish without getting noticed. Sustainability is a key factor while choosing cloud products for your business. What you invest in today should produce dividends for a long time. Here we speak of cloud products that can transform businesses through sustainable IT solutions.

Top Cloud Products

Subscription Billing Software With Fully Customizable Front End

Enterprises are looking forward to software that handles more than just billing. This multi tasking ability has been on the agenda for long. The business invoicing software should offer total subscription plan management with a unique customer ordering interface. A customer ordering interface allows customers to choose what  they pay for. It offers a complete menu of choices to subscribers. This way the hosted billing software not executes billing, but allows the business to sell and manage service subscription plans.

Applicant Tracking System For Complete Recruitment Automation

Any business is about its people. It’s the people in the company who take it to greater heights, face challenges and respond to challenges. Obviously the system that determines the quality of people intake, cannot be compromised. Cloud, hosted applicant tracking system is the new favorite of recruiters. A great recruitment management software streamlines recruitment processes and systems. It prunes the way in which a business consumes talent. It should be equipped with features to administer resume management,  job posting, applicant hotlisting, feedback sharing on applicants and interview scheduling to name just a few. This apart, it should also execute social recruiting and hot listing of applicants.

Human Resource Software System That Manages Team Performance

Enterprises have always looked for a human resource management software that overhauls team performance. There is no dearth of employee management software products in the market. But there is a genuine case in favor of a software that incorporates a global human resource management system. It should consolidate all the human resource management modules into one compact system. It should administer payroll management with customization for local & global taxation rules and employee welfare schemes. A great cloud HRMS software administers reporting and time management from a centralized platform. By organizing data of the entire company into one platform, it streamlines the functioning of employees and teams.

Cloud App Builder With Drag And Drop Interface To Build Business Apps

The Smartphone revolution has already scripted the epitaphs of two iconic mobile handset firms-Nokia and Motorola. Business applications were in vogue for the last decade. But some firms unfortunately have got it late. Business app builder software products have seen a boom. A great cloud app builder executes application development with great ease. Finally, we have an online database software that works on point click technology. It is extremely easy to use. To get the record straight it is worthwhile to recall the words of ex-England skipper Sir Geoffrey Boycott: “ Even my mum could do that.”

Precisely that explains the ease of managing customers and employees with great business apps at your disposal.

E-journal Publishing Software

The next big thing surprisingly, is an academic concept of e-journal publishing. Do not commit the mistake of undermining its importance. The concept of e-journal publishing system also works for online newsletter publishing. This is where e-journal publishing system can consolidate email marketing for corporate enterprises. An efficient e-journal publishing software doubles up for email marketing campaigns and produces enhanced results. The impact that can be created in the minds of customers is immense.

In the final diagnosis, these five cloud products have the potential to be game changers. Cloud products are cross platform by nature. While legacy based mainframe clones of these products are available, they score low on deployment and access. This where cloud hosted software has a competitive edge. This is where SaaS enterprises like Netfunda has a competitive edge.