Books were a man’s best friend. A man was known by the company he kept. To quote a favorite story teller of childhood: “Those were the best of times. Those were the worst of times.” I  wonder what Charles Dickens would have felt had he been born into the XY generation.

The grandiose of the Kolkata Book Fair compels visitors like me to do some soul searching on how modernity has altered the landscape of international book fairs. I have made some observations on striking changes that have impacted the supply of published material as well as buyer behavior.

The biggest difference has been in the way publishing takes place. Among the clutter of journals that even today impress and bewilder us, there has been a startling change in journal publishing. Mammoth journal stands have vanished. Envelopes carrying letters with a call for papers have disappeared. Paper submission does not consume time. Author submission happens in minutes. Submission editing occurs real fast. Issue management does not require weeks of planning.

e-Journal Publishing

For millions of voracious researchers, academicians and publishers who spend the best part of their lives grinding complexities of manual publishing, cloud hosted publishing software is a life saver. We have improvised on open journal systems to redefine the world of e- journal publishing and make it easy for you to publish online journals. Netfunda Publizer is our brainchild.

Connoisseurs of the old school who have borne the brunt of manual hosting before should try Netfunda Publizer. The e-journal software can be automatically hosted oncloud with a single click.  Their automatic on cloud OJS hosting is nothing short of amazing. The developer team of our company aptly phrased it as “one click setup on cloud”. An independent and remote storage unit using a state-of-art SAN stores all back-up.

Netfunda Publizer offers standard and premium themes as per subscription plan. The modern web 2.0 themes are better than the old school OJS themes. The premium themes are really elegant and classy. I have checked them out and it’s cool!

The e-journal publishing system offers enhanced functionality for customized OJS plug-in. There was a time when customizing open journal systems plug-in was challenging if coding and programming was not your cup of tea. We have changed this. You need not chase coders. Use the OJS custom tools and OJS plug-in development. Moreover API capabilities are so powerful that export and import of data with external applications is a child’s play!

People like me, who belong to the old school, may need some help here and there. At least we feel so. We provide a three tier support system comprising of forum, email based and phone based support services.

The city of joy-Kolkata has moved on. The Kolkata Book Fair has moved on. Today a man is known by the Facebook he keeps. But for the serious reader (and there are thousands of them in Kolkata) who cherishes open access journals more than Facebook likes, Netfunda Publizer is an epitome of the true “paribartan” that is unfurling itself. Welcome Kolkata Book Fair. Welcome to the world of the open journal system.