On-cloud products seem to be the latest silverware to embellish the cupboard of globalization pundits. Globalization as an economic phenomenon has always had a loyal friend in information technology. Cloud computing takes this nexus between globalization and information technology to the zenith.

Netfunda On-Cloud

The first stoppage en route the journey of global business was the ability to penetrate into personal devices for information exchange and computing. This necessitated the innovation of a common interface that was agnostic of platforms and devices. In fact, three years back, Sundar Pichai the man of the moment in 2014, had in an interview made a very eccentric comment: “People live in the cloud 98% of the time”. In fact, he had gone on to raise a further question: “In the bring-your-own-device to work scenario, when people walk into the office with devices on different platforms, how do you give endpoint solutions to each of them?”

App Building Simplified

We at Netfunda have identified this issue in terms of an agenda that is summarized as 4As: anything, any channel, anytime and anywhere. In accordance with this agenda, we have done intense intellectual surgery to come up with our cloud app builder with point click technology and drag drop interface. Netfunda On–Cloud is an intuitive business app builder that democratizes app building and takes it to levels of ease never seen before.

Point Click Technology

Point and click technology is extremely lucid and user friendly. The drag drop features built into our database software can be used to just drag-and drop the required fields. Our intuitive online database software enables web form development within minutes. Any scripting or programming language easily interfaces with our web services API. Netfunda On-Cloud supports tasks that get the XML from one place to another, manipulate and publish XML data easily create great web applications. Netfunda On–Cloud enables you to feed data into your web based database from multiple enrollment points such as HTML forms, through email, personal devices and supported browsers. Plus, our web based app builder provides you with customizable tools to filter records, form rules, schedule tasks and notify emails. Thus, you get to stretch the possibilities of workflow management like never before.

 The Future Of On-Cloud Apps

Standing in 2014, it makes enormous good sense to believe that the futuristic comments made by Pichai, the top boss of Chrome division at Google, in 2011. Our contribution has been towards developing a business app builder that simplifies application development itself. Netfunda On-Cloud is not just a drag drop application builder. It is an announcement of our arrival into the new address of global businesses, on-cloud products.