Performance management software is increasingly being used by companies to shore up productivity. While performance management software has become an integral part of business process automation, the fruits of human resource management are yet to be realized on the larger plane. In the context of recent shifts in the global business environment, companies need to take a much larger view of human resource management functions. Human resource management has to look beyond the obvious facts which are already well known. A fresh perspective on human resource management would embrace the particulars of corporate strategy, corporate governance, top management leadership and finally the role of the chief executive in a revamped business setting.

It would be too myopic to consider performance management software development to be sequestered from the recent developments that have followed the global meltdown in 2008. Across business verticals and countries, there has been tremendous consensus building on sustainability. Denominator management, the neutron bomb and financialization are pieces of missing information that need to be considered here. It is not too far fetched logic to state that in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) environment, enterprise performance matters more than employee performance.

Performance Management System

How Far, Shall Thou See To Seek Opportunities?

Foresight is about seeking clarity in vision. Clarity of the vision comes from checking corporate strategy and what the business aims to achieve, against the available human resources. A linear human resource planning approach will not work in today’s volatile climate. As businesses grow and falter, employees make a beeline for entry and exit. The wait for leadership roles is no more a bearable thing. People want to be given leadership positions when they are still young. Overcrowding at the top level and congestion in the ranks could indirectly force bright talent to quit. A company’s preparation for the uncertain future has to start with building a pipeline of top leadership talent. Performance should be assessed against standard metrics of business targets and self motivated problem solving. The second part of the equation stands for innovation, creativity and undoubtedly leadership skills. A new age human resource management software should produce insights on leadership behavior as soon as it is displayed by an employee. This database of employee behavior analysis is the starting point for corporate strategy and succession policy.

Clean Corporate Governance For Employees Is A Must

It is amazing that some of the top diversified business conglomerates of India are family businesses. Decisions are taken well within the four walls of the family. Information is shared among those who own the show. The business consulting team of Netfunda takes a different stand.

“People who run the show are more important than those who own the show.”

Clean corporate governance is about making information sharing more transparent. Reporting management has to take place on cross platform applications that can be accessed by employees on a need to know basisA centralized platform to archive conversations on project status and client dealings can steer clear of the “mist on the screen.”

Corporate governance has a new meaning. Enterprises need to wake up to this reality. They need to understand that employees are concerned about corporate governance as much as investors. In a situation of a talent churn, investors will follow employees through the exit. No investor will raise a stake in a company with faulty reporting management.

The Role Of The Chief Executive Is To Perform River Rafting

Denominator management as a means to secure the southward sojourn of ROI is no longer acceptable. Companies that have indulged in rampant “golden handshakes” now stand exposed. Their image as a socially responsible employer brand has been tarnished. It becomes difficult for them to attract talent. Talent retention in times of business crisis is a major challenge. An employee management software should empower businesses to analyze employee fleet size against cyclical and non cyclical factors. Performance metrics in times of crises need to be indexed to industry performance. The logic is plain and simple. Performance metrics are bound to be affected by local business conditions. Human resource planning must consider the fact that talent once retrenched during a down phase will not come back to the company in times of normalcy. An economic ordering quantity of staff needs to be maintained.

In light of the above mentioned facts, human resource management software has a new role to essay. Reporting management, performance management, payroll, employee benefits administration and TNA (training needs analysis) need to be overhauled and streamlined so that an enterprise can face the new realities of the VUCA environment. Netfunda People, is a new age human resources management software that shall be administered with business intelligence and technical functionality to enable firms face these challenges.