This time of the year keeps publishers really busy. The national capital of India, New Delhi is all geared up to host this year’s edition of the book fair. There are book fairs hosted in other cities of India as well. New Delhi and its book fair have always been synonymous with progressive trends. Each year, visitors at the New Delhi Book Fair get to see and discover their city through a new lens. The lens of publishing might appear to be of academic interest to many. But the sheer volume of business in the vertical of publishing is huge. It is serious business to anyone who understands business.

Netfunda Publizer First Look

A journal publisher’s world used to resemble a travel back in time. Mammoth printing machines, workers in the press, an editorial section with tons of files and cabinets filled up to the brim with papers. Authors, editors, copywriters and proofreaders going erratic with carefully screened texts for printing. With the New Delhi Book Fair knocks at the doorstep, when you look back, publishers tend to resemble Jurassic reptiles.

This parallelism between traditional journal publishers and extinct species makes enormous good sense. Modern journal publishing has a new address indeed – open journal system. In fact e-journal publishing has replaced cumbersome traditional journal publishing. E-journal publishing has got both a new face and more importantly a new brain. Interestingly, both the new face and the new brain are embodied in Netfunda Publizer, the e-journal publishing system from Netfunda.

Netfunda Publizer offers automatic OJS hosting. It does away with the redundancies of time and cost inefficiencies associated with manual hosting. With just one click your open journal website is deployed on the cloud. Truly miraculous- what used to take hours and even days today gets done in seconds!

OJS theme customization is so easy. The modern web 2.0 templates enable you to customize OJS themes like never before. Netfunda provides premium theme customization with its paid subscription plans which are truly amazing.

The enhanced functionality of Netfunda Publizer makes OJS plug-in customization easy. You do not have to lose sleep on coding. The API capabilities are truly powerful. We also provide a three tiered system of support services: forum, email and phone based.

The Jurassic reptile used to struggle juggling with call for papers, online manuscript submission, copy editing and issue management. With our e-journal publishing software you move in the direction you.

In a few days from now New Delhi Book Fair will announce its arrival. The People of New Delhi will, hopefully, embrace the exuberance of youth with open arms. If you come across an open access journal and think to make it user friendly, think Netfunda Publizer."