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Top Five Cloud Products To Amp Up Enterprise Performance

Cloud products have been known to drive enterprise performance. As businesses head towards a cloud computing infrastructure like never before, we track the top five cloud products. There is an abundance of cloud products in the market. Companies invest heavily in updating and installing automation systems to improve productivity and profitability. Among a vast crowd of cloud products doing the rounds in the market, we have picked those that deliver on the metrics of performance, cost and growth.

“ Our industry does not respect tradition — it only respects innovation. Make no mistake, we are headed for greater places — as technology evolves and we evolve with and ahead of it.” 
          – Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft

These words of the newly crowned Microsoft CEO indicate the importance of innovation  and sustainability. Cloud products evolve every single day. Some of these gain acceptance and stay put on the […]

Tracking the worldwide growth of cloud products and cloud businesses

Cloud products have been the biggest contributor to the recent watershed developments in the global IT industry. Cloud businesses today boast of a phenomenal growth record. When Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google uttered the words “cloud computing” in the year 2006, he caught the imagination of a generation of entrepreneurs and technocrats alike. It would not be an exaggeration to state that it was the biggest step enterprises and engineers could think of, in the journey towards creating a flat world. While the concept of the flat world or the borderless world has invited strong cynicism from pundits at B schools, one cannot deny the impact of cloud products in realizing the dream. What started off in 2006 as fever that gripped only Silicon Valley then, has spread like wildfire to all corners of the world. There are some interesting facts that substantiate the claim made here.

Entry Of […]

How To Negate Common Mistakes In Cloud Services Billing?

Cloud services billing as practiced by many software -as -a -service enterprises is prone to grave mistakes. Few things need to be borne in mind about SaaS enterprises at the outset.
First, they are typical service providers in the non-technical sense.
Second, cloud enterprises deal with services that are agnostic of platforms and products.
Third, they offer products that have many flanker models and gradations.
Fourth, cloud services offer ample scope for customization of client requirements.
In the backdrop of these elements noted above, our business consulting team at Netfunda has analyzed the following mistakes in cloud services billing.

Looking for the moment of truth in the wrong places
SaaS enterprises are service providers. Their services are installed on cloud. A vital interface between the service provider and the end user takes place on a virtual platform. The vital point on the agenda is to negotiate with the subscriber for subscription renewal. Subscription renewal works with recurring customer interface and […]

On–Cloud Products: Globalization Has A New Address

On-cloud products seem to be the latest silverware to embellish the cupboard of globalization pundits. Globalization as an economic phenomenon has always had a loyal friend in information technology. Cloud computing takes this nexus between globalization and information technology to the zenith.

The first stoppage en route the journey of global business was the ability to penetrate into personal devices for information exchange and computing. This necessitated the innovation of a common interface that was agnostic of platforms and devices. In fact, three years back, Sundar Pichai the man of the moment in 2014, had in an interview made a very eccentric comment: “People live in the cloud 98% of the time”. In fact, he had gone on to raise a further question: “In the bring-your-own-device to work scenario, when people walk into the office with devices on different platforms, how do you give endpoint solutions to each of them?”

App […]

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On-Cloud Products – Rise Of Post Modernism

How modern is it to call the present era a modern one? The question may send you in a tizzy. Is not the very present time in which we breathe and live the very best of modernity? If I have to play devil’s advocate and answer this, I will say “No”. For all practical purposes, the modern age was characterized by certain features. The social structures and entities that even today adhere to these features, I must say stand a grave risk of drawing parallelisms with Jurassic reptiles. On-cloud products and platforms are the biggest traits of the post modern era.
What stands tall between the then modern social, economic and political structures and those of the era that we live in is – the rise, rise and rise of the economics of information. It is not that economics of information did not exist then but the very definition of information […]

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Revisiting Adam Smith In The Software as a Service Economy

The rise of software as a service economy has thrown up some blunt questions. The Netfunfa think tank shares a few of those with you

“…every individual… endeavors as much as he can… to direct… industry so that its produce may be of the greatest value…. Neither intends [ing] to promote the public interest, not knowing how much he is promoting it…. He intends only his own gain, and he is in this, as in many other cases, led by an invisible hand to promote an end that was no part of his intention…. By pursuing his own interest he frequently promotes that of society more effectually than when he really intends to promote it…”

Two hundred and thirty years ago the Scottish moral philosopher Adam Smith used a particular metaphor to describe a system. The invisible hand was the face of modernism and is the brain behind post modernism. For […]

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