Vitality Of Performance Management Software In VUCA Climate

Performance management software is increasingly being used by companies to shore up productivity. While performance management software has become an integral part of business process automation, the fruits of human resource management are yet to be realized on the larger plane. In the context of recent shifts in the global business environment, companies need to take a much larger view of human resource management functions. Human resource management has to look beyond the obvious facts which are already well known. A fresh perspective on human resource management would embrace the particulars of corporate strategy, corporate governance, top management leadership and finally the role of the chief executive in a revamped business setting.
It would be too myopic to consider performance management software development to be sequestered from the recent developments that have followed the global meltdown in 2008. Across business verticals and countries, there has been tremendous consensus building on sustainability. Denominator […]

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How To Profit From Human Resource Management Software?

Human resource management software develops a system on whose foundations an organization is built. In fact it also strengthens the structure of the organization by lending vital fluidity reporting and payroll management. Human resource automation has been in vogue for decades now. The question that continues to sustain interest among corporate human resource manager is:

“How to profit from a human resource management software?”
In the quest for the best answer to this question, companies need to do some introspection on strategy, structure and systems. The interplay of these three factors determines the utility of a human resource management software. Strategy determines how the top management intends to navigate through challenges in the long term. Structure determines reporting relationships in the company and thus indirectly points towards, defining roles, responsibilities and accountability. The system decides employee and enterprise performance. A human resources management software should be used against the backdrop of […]

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