What is common to Amartya Sen, Jean Dreze, Dr. Manmohan Singh and Barrack Obama? All of them have been unethical and vociferous in their wholehearted participation in the crusade for effective and proactive government sponsored health care programs. As with any agenda of a welfare state, that gets  a thumbs down from markets and economists who cry” fiscal prudence”, programs like Food Security Bill and the Obama HealthCare plan have both come under stinging cynicism in their respective countries- India and USA. On a serious note the TINA (There Is No Alternative) syndrome is too much of a concern to be swept under the rugs. But it is equally true that, when corporate doyens like Bill Gates champion the cause of affordable health care under banners like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, it becomes crystal clear that government sponsored health care is an imperative for good governance. Can SaaS enterprises combine technological efficiency with a socialistic heart to deliver solutions to strike balance between fiscal prudence and effective healthcare delivery?

Netfunda recommends the following subscription for the above discussed ailment.

Healthcare Solutions | Netfunda

Receivables Management

The modern healthcare enterprise delivers unique and personalized services to patients that require the interface of several departments, medical boards and teams. Subscription billing, recurring billing, subscription invoicing and cashless hospitalization can consume resources and time wastefully. OneClickBill from Netfunda is the automatic billing and subscription management system that enables healthcare enterprises to create and record bills, invoices and accept online/offline payment and export data to accounting software.

People Power

A government healthcare enterprise has to combine medical expertise with customer interface. More than treatment, the multiplicity of internal processes, interdepartmental coordination and allocations of resources on a recurring basis are the real challenges. Netfunda People- our human resource software, enables government healthcare enterprises to execute functions across the wheel of human resources management, such as performance management, payroll management, and leave processing, reporting and employee benefits administration all from a single window. Government hospitals are not short of star talent. What lacks is the creation of a star team. We enable healthcare solutions.

Campaign Tracking

In emerging economies, there are millions of health issues which are not reported because the patients may not feel the necessity to report or may be unaware of the enormity of the situation that is evolving underneath. Preventive health care has to be proactive and agile. It has to be provided, not on the occurrence of exigencies, but twenty four cross seven and round the year. It has to be comprehended that proactive health care may not attract corporate enterprises because it is a part of social overhead capital not any directly productive activity. Healthcare awareness campaigns, affordable schemes for medication, periodic health check up reports, brochures and catalogues, reminders for diagnostics and personalized medical history based offerings can be reached out to patients in an efficient and effective manner. A pulse polio drive, an anti-diabetes campaign and many other campaigns can provide much better results provided government healthcare enterprises weed out obstacles that lead to what Amartya Sen has referred to as “entitlement failures.” Netfunda Marketics does just that.

Netfunda On-Cloud

Netfunda On-Cloud from Netfunda Technologies is an affordable cloud app builder that enables government healthcare enterprises to create custom apps for both standardized and personalized functions by using the simple drag and drop app builder and embed website and server with mobile apps. From a request for an appointment in the OPD, scheduling a date for surgery, making a request for medical diagnostics, asking for diet plans and self service tips for preventive healthcare and many more such functions can be mobilized with ease with apps. There are logistics, governance and local topography issues even today that magnify the digital divide between Bharat and India into a health care divide. Government & Public health care programs can be more proactive by moving from the “doctor on call” model to the “doctor on app” model.

In the final diagnosis, it would perhaps be overtly emotional to nose dive into a totally IT based healthcare infrastructure. But there is a case for cautious optimism to combine welfare economics of Amartya Sen and affordable cloud applications of Netfunda into one metric. A heady cocktail of conscience and cloud applications is worth a toast!"