As a publisher how do you stand to gain from OJS hosting, OJS themes and custom OJS plug-ins. OJS hosting publishing software can transform both the quality and economics of publishing. E-journal publishing has transformed significantly. With changes in the IT landscape, opportunities for cost and resource rationalization are on the rise. Netfunda Publizer is the online journal publishing software that combines the metrics of OJS hosting, OJS themes and OJs custom development.

Smart OJS Hosting On-Cloud

The main driver of the transformation of e-journal publishing is OJS hosting. OJS hosting publishing software that gets installed on the cloud reduces complexities greatly. Publizer is an e-journal publishing system that offers automatic OJS installation on cloud. With just a click OJS hosting gets executed on the cloud without any manual interface. This fastens the speed of OJS installation and releases resources and time. In hindsight automatic OJS installation saves money.

OJS Hosting

Enhanced Functionality for Superior Reader Interface

Netfunda Publizer has enhanced functionality for superior plug -in architecture that is fully customizable. We offer you a menu of custom OJS plug-ins with our both paid plans, namely: Standard Hosting Plan and Advanced Hosting Plan. Our plug-in are small pieces of source codes that help you add new features to your journal publishing website. We offer custom OJS plug-ins and themes for your full working journal solution.

Custom Development of E-Journals

Customizing open journal systems, plug-ins can be challenging if coding and programming is not your cup of tea. We have the best solution for you: our Netfunda Publizer Plug-in customization solutions. We are a professional “software as a service” enterprise, offering superior OJS custom development within your budget. We specialize in creating custom OJS custom development, tailor made to your exact requirements.

Support & Training for Online Journal Publishing

Netfunda Publizer offers a three tiered hierarchy of support services in accordance with the three different subscription plans. The forum is a great platform to discuss and exchange views on issues that customers face in due course of e-journal publishing. The standard plan provides email based support while the advanced plan provides phone based support. Our team of support and training services reaches out to customers with all possible help within minute lead time.

 “Cogito ergo sum”

At Netfunda we think and hence we exist. With Netfunda Publizer, the e-publishing system we have announced the dawn of a new era in e-journal publishing. OJS had been a flag bearer of online journal publishing so far. The innovation jungle has brutal laws. The modern outclasses the traditional.